Saturday, August 14, 2010

High School

 My first week at high school

was very different from MY Elementary years, what made such a difference for me was that I go to a k-12 school, we don't get lockers in k-8 or even change classes.
So my year has been really good, i got all the classes I wanted this year, finally got my locker sorted out, it was way too far away from most of my classes. I have way too many things to keep up with for each class, which kinda gets annoying from time to time. especailly when your locker is on one side of the school away from all your classes but one. Well overall it's started out as a really good year, I hope your first week of highschool is as good as mine has been.
Luke Out

Friday, April 16, 2010


After many hours of my time and the time of others we have discovered that iTunes can’t in some instances be synced with a 64-bit windows7 machine. This I have come to find out isn’t that rare. We also discovered that if you run “msconfig” you can turn off all services but the apple ones and you will be fine with the syncing of you iPhone.

Luke Out

chromium OS

Chromium os is a great operating system, however, I have had limited time with it so I will not be giving a “full” review of it today. It has actually surprised me in many ways that I didn’t anticipate such as: it uses an actual content browser that you can view files and thing on like a flashdrive or external HDD. It has a very need customizable “apps” tab that can be a little tricky to get used to at first but it has really been a nice thing.
    Finally it has one really big flaw, it wont do anything in the gui without being connected to the internet, you can however hot ctrl+alt+t and get to the terminal to do some things quickly. I hope that in the actual release it will have at least a basic text editor built into the OS, and maybe a desktop (for when a time an internet connection can’t be found).

Luke Out


I have been waiting for a really long time for the iPad to be released I sadly have to say that I was really disappointed with the results. IT’S A big iPhone people what’s the big deal? I have actually looked into buying one just to do a review so I can actually get into the thing, it seems that if I touch it I won’t be able to say no.

            So what do you think do you think it needs a, user seeable, file-system, a camera, a sync cloud (instead of syncing with iTunes), what do you think the iPad lacks?

Luke Out 

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Apple Support

Apple Support has actually been a better experience than I thought it would be when I started out with the two months of working to get my iPhone to sync with my computer. After we tried countless things we ran msconfig and turned off all the services except the iTunes background processes, that thankfully fixed the issue. I still, however, have no idea which program is causing the interference.
Luke Out

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Apple Support

I have through many nights been talking to an apple expert to resolve my issue with my iPhone. I couldn't get it to sync for anything. So i called Apple, they sent me through three different levels of support. The first guy did seem to know a whole lot, but he didn't resolve my issue. I had 32-bit iTunes with 64-bit Windows. so we thought that might fix the problem, but obviously it didn't. I will be, or I guess he will be calling me back at the end of the day before he goes on vacation for a week.
Luke Out

Monday, March 8, 2010


Don't you just hate when you call into a support line and you get someone who has no idea what they're talking about. I just got off the phone with a Gateway support person in God knows where, and they have no idea what they're talking about 90% of the time!
Luke Out