Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Hate Geography

I Hate Geography so much I can't stand it.
I love my teacher but I hate the maps they are so annoying to have to do evry week.
I wish I could come home and just read but no I'm either stuck doing Science or Geography and, sometimes on occasion I have language.
Tough it's not that bad.
__Me out

My Sister

My sister has anilmal crossingthe game but the thing is she always fixes her hair and then she goes strait and time skips I'll never get her?
__ Me out

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Brother

Do you have a little brother that's always being annoying.
Well I do "Great".

He has one of his stupid basketball goals that attaches to the door frame he bounces that thing all the time and believe me it gets very annoying well I've already hold you that haven't I

__Me out

My pictures

hey guys me again.

My younger brother seems to think bloging is a bad thing :(
Well I have tried to explain to him that it is perfectly ok to have your own blog on blogger or whatever site I actually use my iPhone to blog.
It's kind of annoying sometimes because I have to edit the HTML instead of regular composing.

__ Me out

Time clock

Hey guys our clock was messed up but. Ifixed the problem your welcome.

__ me out

Out of School

Were out of school for tv second time this week and I really love the feeling of being able to lye in bed and explore for change instead of doing school work

__ Me out

My blog 2/4/09

Hey guys what's up I'm so bored right know at 12:39 my Time how well do you sleep at night I don't sleep that well, obviously.
Well good-night for now
__ me